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ABS filament colors 1kg/spool RepRap 3D printer

ABS is commonly used in 3D printing, has the following characteristics:

(1) High strength, good toughness;
(2) Density is small, when printing larger volume model lighter, save money;
(3) Cost-effective can be processed in a wide range temperature;
(4) Softer than PLA;
(5) Diameter of 2.85mm/1.75mm, variations + /-0.1mm, roundness + /- 0.05mm;
(6) 1 kg /plastic spool packaging;
(7) To be applied to a variety of 3D printer, MakerBot, Creality, FlashForge, and more.

Our ABS Filament:

NaturalcolorMilk whiteMilky yellowClear
Processing temperature185deg for 3mm,230 deg for 1.75mm, very good process at 260 deg230 degfor3mm>230 deg for 1.75mm, can process at 260 deg230 deg for 3mm>230 deg for 1.75mm, can process at 260 deg
OdorLow smoke, tasteless, good for printing indoorWhite smoke, concentrated flavor, not very good for indoorStrong smell, not good printing indoor
Variety                    +/-0.1mm                       +/-0.1mm+/-0.1mm
Water absorptionVery low, no bubbles occur when printing even expose to air for over half a yearHigh, exposed to air for a period( like some days or shorter time) much bubbles printing at high temperature after the filament opened from seal packagingHigh, easily absorb moisture, much bubbles when printing after expose to air for a short time
Surface GlossNormalGoodGood
Strength, hardnessLow, easily white dot when bendingStrong, no white dot when bendingLow, sometimes white dot occur when bending
Stick to layer within layervery goodNormalGood
Stick to heat bed, heat bed 110 degNormalGoodVery good

Available colors:

Clear, natural, white, black, red, sky blue, dark blue, fluorescent green, dark green, fluorescent yellow, dark yellow, orange, purple, pink, grey, brown, glow in dark etc…

ABS grade imported from Taiwan Chimei properties:

PropertyUnitTest MethodTest ConditionABS
Tensile Strength2kg/cm(MPa)ASTM D-638( ISO527)23℃220 (22)
Tensile Elongation%ASTM D-638( ISO527)23℃40
Flexural Strength2kg/cm(MPa)ASTM D-790( ISO178)23℃440 (43)
Flexural Modulus2    4kg/cm*10(MPa)ASTM D-790( ISO178)23℃
  1. 3 (2260)
Izod Impact Strengthkg-cm/cm( J/m)ASTM D-256( ISOR180)23℃1/4”
  1. 0 (108)
Vicat Softening TemperatureASTM D-1525 (ISO306B)Annealed80℃×2Hr1/8”95
Heat Deflection TemperatureASTM D-648(ISO75/A)Annealed80℃×2Hr1/8”88
Melt Flow Indexg/10 minASTM D-1238( ISO1133)200℃×5Kg( 49N)
  1. 5
Residual Monomerppm max.700
Molding Shrinkage%FCFC Method23℃0.4~0.6
Specific GravityASTM D-792( ISO1183)23℃/23℃1.04
FlammabilityUL-94FILENO. E1628231/16″HB NC


3d printer filamentsPLA filament colors 1kg/spool RepRap 3D Printer

Relative to the ABS, PLA has the following advantages:

(1) PLA’s processing temperature is low, can be processed at 185 degrees;
(2) Odor harmless, good smell like fried corn;
(3) High strength, high stiffness, suitable for DIY players do duplicate printer components;
(4) Forming performance is excellent, thermoforming dimensional stability, low shrinkage (0.3%), layers stick each other well;
(5) Brightly colored, translucent color.

Our PLA filament advantages compared to other PLA filament:

PLA (semi-transparent)PLA full transparent
TypeToughness modify, better flowingBrittle, hard
Processing temperature3 mm at 185 deg,1.75 mm at 210 deg210 deg
OdorNo smoke, taste like fried cornNo smoke, taste like fried corn
Diameter Variations+/-0.1mm+/-0.1mm
Water absorptionNormalNormal
Surface GlossGoodGood
ToughnessGood no break when bendingGood no break when bending

Available colors:

Clear, natural, white, black, red, sky blue, dark blue, fluorescent green, dark green, fluorescent yellow, dark yellow, orange, purple, pink, grey, brown, glow in dark, etc…

PLA grade imported from USA Ingeo properties:

Typical  Material & Application Properties(1,2,3)
Film PropertiesIngeo4032DASTM Method
Tensile Strength MD TD15kpsi21kpsiD882D882
Tensile Modulus MD TD500kpsi550kpsiD882D882
Elongation at Break MD TD180%100%D882D882


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